Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Joy is 6 Years Old Today!!!

Our Joy Christine is 6 years old today....WOW! I can't believe how fast time flew. Everyone always tells you that it's going to, but you don't ever believe till one day you realize...it's happened! Sadly, the majority of Joy's baby pictures weren't digital, though we did get some that other people took that were, but those are on our other computer that isn't here yet. So I don't have any to show when she was real, real little, but here is a look at Joy through the years.
Look at those rolls!!
First Birthday!
Mommy's Girl
2 years old...
The pout...she's still so cute.  :)
3rd Birthday...
Silly Girl!
4th Birthday...
I love my Joy!
Sometimes she's a glamorous girl....
And sometimes she's a tough cookie!
But always a Princess...
Daddy's Girl...
She is the best big sister...
And so much fun to be around!
I have so much fun with her!  :)
She's growing up so fast!  :(
Six years ago today my world was changed forever and I fell in love instantly with this precious girl! My beautiful daughter who makes me smile and laugh everyday. She has such an amazing spirit and lives up to her name...she truly is a joy! I have loved every minute of the girl she has been, I am so proud of the young lady that she is now and I am so looking forward to seeing the wonderful woman she will become. I know God has great plans for this girl and I am SO BLESSED that she is mine!

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  1. Happy Birthday Joy!!! She is such a sweet girl. Can't wait to see you guys tonight :)