Thursday, July 15, 2010

So Many Options!

We have been enjoying all the fun things there are to do here for the Army families on post...and most of it for FREE!!  In addition to the several parks and playgrounds to choose from on just about every block...
There is also mini golf! And it's if the kids only make it 4 holes...who cares? We play and head home whenever we want to.  :)  Daddy helped everyone while Mommy took pictures. 
Joy lasted a lot longer than the other kids!
Joshua enjoyed hitting it for awhile...
But then he decided throwing it in the water and watching it sail away would be much more fun!
The first time was an accident, it rolled in. Of course Peter being the big 'kid' that he is thought it would be a great game for us all to play. So the remainder of our time on the course, we sailed our golf balls down the rocky streams and into the fountains and under the bridges...

Pretty much everywhere, except for the course itself! The kids had a blast and were thrilled when we went back later in the week with friends. 

We also have an amazing water park on post! We finally went and checked it out this week and it was SO much fun!
Here is a little glimpse of the park. We pretty much stayed in the kiddy area and in the shallower of the 3 other pools. But it is even larger than what I got pictures of. 
The kids loved this big sea monster slide and the animals around that sprayed water on them.
Even Faith liked coming out of the sea monster's mouth on the little slide. 
There was so much for the kids to do. There were wheels that they could turn to make more or less water come out of the sprayers, buckets on pulleys to dump on each other, mounted water guns, sprinklers everywhere, slides and the perfect depth pool all around the play area for little people!

They have tons of lifeguards on duty too that are above and all around the water watching. It was actually very comforting, I counted 10 when we were there that day....pretty impressive to me. And they were right on any kids attempting to do anything they weren't suppose to, it was great!
Faith hates posing for family pictures or any kind of group shot. It's very rare that we can get her to cooperate for this sort of a thing. Usually, if I get a good one it's because it wasn't planned! So here she is crying, but at least it's a shot of 3 of the kids with Daddy at the same time. :) I'll take what I can get.

Even at the pool the Korean kids were loving Joshua....the funny blonde boy.  :) They laugh and get so excited watching him (and his sisters too). My kids definitely stand out amongst all the black haired kids here. 

Our bathing beauty Joy  :) Mommy and Samuel spent most of the time in the shade, but we had fun too!

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  1. Wow what a bunch of fun stuff to do!! I pick the water park when Grandma and I eventually come for a visit!
    Love, Grandpa!!