Saturday, July 10, 2010

Another Week

Another week is gone! Time seems to be going quickly these days. On Wednesday we got the missing crate from our first shipment and in it was mostly kitchen stuff. As the movers brought in the boxes I was a little worried at the sight of some of them...
I had lots of help unpacking...And we only broke one plate!  :)  There is still so much stuff that we don't have yet. The 2nd shipment of house hold goods which is the big one, will not be here until the end of August. I'm really looking forward to getting that one but it feels like forever before it will be here. 
The kids and I saw our mail man for the first time this week and this is what he was driving! At first I thought it was a pizza delivery guy...but his red box is full of mail. The kids thought it was really cool that our mail man rides a motorcycle!
The kids have been practicing hard eating with chopsticks and miss Joy has just about mastered it!
Joshua is getting pretty good too! Though most of the time he pokes his stick through whatever he's rice isn't quite happening yet but he's trying. :)
We made our first trip to the Army clinic this week...   :( Samuel got a booboo. I know I shouldn't be putting this up because now everyone will know what a terrible mother I am. He fell off my bed. It was awful. He cut his nose and it bled a lot. We took him in and had him checked to make sure it wasn't worse than we could see and they said he was fine and gave us some medicine to put on it a couple of times a day. They cleaned him up and that was the worst part...he did not like them touching his hurt nose. I cried along with him. He's moving pretty good now so he's not allowed on our bed anymore unless one of us is sitting right next to him. He can get to the edge real quick! He'll be chasing his siblings in no time.  :)
He loves to play ball with his brother and sisters. The kids were thrilled to get their gym mat in the shipment this week and I was so happy to have a soft place for Samuel to play. The hard wood floors are pretty, but not so nice for little people to sit and play comfortably on. So he got a little bumped and bruised but he was playing and smiling the same day...and I continued to beat myself up for being unattentive and letting him get hurt. :( Thankfully Peter came home right before it happened....I was SO happy he was here to help me.

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