Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Back to AK Plaza Roof

It has been a long time since I posted! But we have still been enjoying our great adventure here in Korea.
We've been busy...Over the last couple of weeks we've done several new things and we also made our way back to AK Plaza and finally got to the was open this time!

There were beautiful gardens and fountains on on the roof and interesting sculptures and art as well as tables and chairs and paths to walk on. We enjoyed peering out the safety glass and seeing the crowded city of Pyeongtaek below.
The kids' favorite part were the giant metal duck sculptures. The biggest one actually has a doorway at the back side and you can go in and sit on benches! That prompted lots of giggles.  :)
Here is Faith and Daddy riding on a duck. :p
We went with our friends that have a little boy Lukas. They liked these silly sculptures too. Notice the pretty ivy all along the fence in the background....yeah, it's fake. Only in Korea! :)
We got a family picture up there too...with the beautiful fake ivy in the back. :)
We did go back into AK Plaza and walked around a bit and had dinner at a different restaurant we had not yet been accidental squid this time around. The kids had their picture taken another 10 or 15 times as we walked through and are beginning to get tired of all the attention their blonde hair is getting them (as you can see from their faces in the picture below) and definitely are tired of people touching it!
I guess it's tough being that cute! :) Most of the time they are good sports about it and don't seem to mind all that much, but some days after the 20th person has tried to pet them, they get really annoyed! I think I would too.

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