Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More Water Park Fun

Samuel finally got a chance to get in the water last time we went up to Splish n' Splash and he loved it!
Our sweet boy is also cutting 6 teeth at once right now so it won't be long and he's going to have a full toothy grin!
He loved getting to splash in the water with his big brother and sisters.
We had a visit from Santa while we were there too! The restaurant next door was doing a "Christmas in July" thing so he came over to say hi for a bit. The kids thought he was the funniest looking Santa they'd ever seen...he was wearing shorts and was much skinnier and tanner than usual! LOL! Joy even told me that she 'noticed this Santa had big muscles cause his suit sleeves were really tight!' Joshua then told her, 'It's because he's the Army Santa and he has to have big muscles like a soldier.'  :)
This is Joshua's favorite thing to do here now! He is a brave boy and loves the fast slide! Peter goes down first and then catches Joshua when he comes flying down and he'll do it over and over for hours!
The Splish n' Splash is only open till Labor Day so we'll be enjoying it at least a few more times before then. It is so awesome having it right here on post...we're getting kinda spoiled having so many fun things to do so close.  :)

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