Friday, July 2, 2010

A Few Things About South Korea

So far we are really enjoying our new adventure here in Korea. There are many things we are having to get use to, so much of it is very different from the States. We're a little out of our comfort zone most of the time...but overall, it's been really nice. And Peter says this is the best job he's ever had! :) ...That's a plus!

We were walking today and I just couldn't believe the view of the rice fields. The city is not all that clean, it's a busy, dirty city like any other. But right in the middle of it are these stretches of beautiful farm land. We walk by them everyday and everytime I have to stop and appreciate them.
And then there is the rest of the city.....I'm not sure why, but most of the trees around here have these supports all around them. I've never seen them used for anything but Joy says they'd be good for hanging out laundry! I think I agree....but all of them seem to just be used for support, from the tiniest to the largest tree they are set up the same way.
THIS right here is one of the more stressful activities in South Korea. Since stoplights are only a suggestion here, just because the little crosswalk man turns green telling us it's time to go...we don't dare step out until we've completely made sure that all traffic on both sides have come to a stop and see that we are trying to cross the road. It's terrifying! I have seen several cars just fly through red lights and if there is a '#20 Bus' anywhere in sight, forget about it! We don't bother crossing until it has long passed us.

Like the suggested stoplights, no other rules of the road seem to be enforced here. Take parking for instance....there are not a lot of parking lots or spaces in the city. The Korean people don't mind. They just park wherever they feel like. Frequently that means the sidewalk...or the middle of the road! We have seen cars double parked on an already narrow, single two lane road! That leaves barely a car width for two cars to get through. It's insane!!
Here's another. The owner of this car just stopped on the corner of the sidewalk and got out. The kids and I were walking on the sidewalk and had to move into the road to go around the guy parking his car at out feet. And he whips in, seemingly irritated that we were in his way! Then he noticed the blonde little kids and smiled and said something to us but I'm not sure what.
I'm a little scared to drive in this place! I think when our car finally gets here I'll still prefer to walk if it's close enough and above freezing outside.

Just thought I'd share a few things that are a little crazy here since I tend to just share the exciting, fun parts most of the time!

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