Monday, July 12, 2010

It clicked!

Joshua has known his letter sounds this whole last year and recently has really been trying to put them together to read things but up until today it hadn't really clicked. This afternoon during quiet time he brought me the foam letters and asked me to make a word with him. He wanted to spell we did, and then he wanted to try and sound it out. It just went from there and before I knew it 15 min and several words later he was reading all of the two and three letter words I was putting out there! I got the tale end of it on video. 
I'm so excited and so proud of him! A whole new world was unlocked for him today as he figured it if only my beginning reader books were here. They won't be until the end of August. :( We'll have to make another trip to the library soon so I can find some for him. Yay for Joshua! 

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