Friday, September 30, 2011

Apples, Apples, Apples!

September is over...and sure flew by fast for us over here in the Adams house! September always makes me think of apples, so our month was full of lots of apple fun woven through our other activities and school time. We made some yummy apple treats and some adorable apple crafts, it was a great way to usher in my favorite season...I love the fall!

Of course we had to do the classic apple printing...

Faithy was REALLY intense about her project, LOL!

Samuel decided he just wanted to eat an apple while everyone else dipped theirs in the paint...

I'm sure it tasted great mixed with the paint from his fingers.  :)

I was just going to do this with Faith and Samuel since the big kids have done it several times before and I thought they wouldn't be very interested anymore. I was wrong. Joshua asked where his paper was as soon as we started and then said "Of COURSE I want to do apple printing Mom!" when I asked him if he wanted to join us. It wasn't long before Joy came in saying, "I want to make one!"

So while we were doing this Joy tells me she's lucky to have little brothers and a little sister. She has said this before, but I decided to inquire why she was saying it at this particular time and she answered me, "Because I get to keep doing preschool every year!" She's 7 now and homeschooling through 2nd grade this year, but she LOVES to do what the younger kids are doing, even if it's something she's done MANY times already! :) She's right, we are pretty blessed to get to do all this fun stuff year after year! I'm so glad she enjoys it still.

Faithy made us several yummy apple themed snacks throughout the month including sliced apples dipped in carmel, apple crisp, cinnamon apples and these great apple rings smothered in peanut butter! She was a great helper.  :)

We also made some biscuits that looked like apples...we spread them with red strawberry jam and added a piece of apple on the top for a stem. (and yes, they are gluten free and VERY yummy!)  :)

Bend-a-roo apples...super cute! (We LOVE Bendaroos in our house)

I love how our yarn apples turned out!

We wrapped tons and tons of yarn around a piece of cardboard, then pushed a brown pipe cleaner through the bundle, slid it off and kind of rolled it around itself till it was round and apple shaped.  :)

The kids were trying to see who could make theirs bigger...

Faithy gave up early on, so her apple is much smaller and looser than the other kids', but it's still really cute!

Joshua had the great idea to make a worm to live in his...and then Joy had to make a worm for hers too.  :)

They are cute for fall decoration but we also played lots of games with them the day we made them. We did a lot of 'following directions games' like...inside, outside, under and on top.  :) We played some apple catch and we also balanced them on our heads...cause balancing anything on your head when you're 3 years old is always tons of fun.  :)

Which then made us want to read our Ten Apples Up On Top book...that's a great one. :) And we read it probably 10 times this month along with some of our other favorite apple themed books.

The kids made a beautiful tissue paper apple banner for our wall....

We glued the tissue and then cut out the apple shapes so we got a nice smooth edge.

One of our most favorite apple things we did though was making homemade apple juice with the juicer. It's actually something we do often, but we've done it a lot this month with all the yummy apples that have been available here recently.

Samuel and Faith Elaina helped with the juicing most of the time. They love sticking the apples in the top and pressing them down to make the yummy juice run out. 

This juicer is amazing by the way! I got it for my birthday a couple of years ago from my's wonderful! I love it!  :)

Our regular blend that we do most of the time is apple carrot juice... delicious! But this day we just did good ole' apple juice...YUM! 

It never lasts long in our house...

Samuel was really excited about having his own 'big boy cup' full and getting to drink it with a straw. I love that the simplest things can make the little ones so happy!  :)  


  1. You are so fun and creative! I love all of Faith's facial expressions :)

  2. I love the apple and it's green worm!