Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad...Look What I Made!

From the title you probably assume it's about something the kids made. But nope! I'm actually excited about something I made with crayons this time, LOL! I saw this idea on my new favorite (it's truly addicting!) It is an endless treasury of all things crafty and creative...a little bit of heaven for me.  :) Anyway, I saw an idea like this on the site that was a smaller version that someone had made for teacher gifts, but I thought it would be a really cute addition to our wall in our schooling area. So I made a giant 'A'...for Adams of course and I think it turned out pretty cute!

All I did was take the glass out of the 17" x 17" frame and cut the crayons with scissors, then glued them  in an 'A' shape with tacky glue. I laid them all out first before I glued them down so I knew about where everything would go.  :) Anyway, it was fun so I had to share!

Here's a little closer shot of the crayons, you can see that they didn't all break even and I'm sure if you were going to make this and had much more patience than I have then you could get them all a little straighter and more even, but I was happy just to finish the thing and have them not all fall off after I hung it on the wall! :)


  1. What a great idea! I love it. Oma

  2. Maia Jarvis recently told me about pinterest and now that I see all of the cool things you've found I am going to be sure and get on there soon! Thanks so much for sharing!