Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Last Few Weeks of Summer in S.Korea

BEWARE! It's a LONG one....lots of pictures! I wanted to start putting posts up about our new school year, but I decided I'd better not do that until I wrapped up summer. I didn't post much this summer because we were too busy having fun, as Adams' always do! :) But there were a few pics and fun times that were too cute not to share, at least for the Grandparents if no one else! 

We went out to one of our favorite places here in S.Korea, the Art Park at Pyeongtaek Lake. The kids had a great time running on the little bit of beach that's there and playing hide and seek in the bushes and trees...

We went on the swan paddle boats, though I didn't get a picture of all of us in it since inside the boat it just looks like a blue box all around you! But from the outside they look neat, so I took a picture of some other people out in the boats. :)

Afterwards we got slushies. :) It was a HOT day!

I LOVE the precious 'brother - sister love' in these pics.  :)

Faithy enjoyed her slushie... especially the fact that it made her tongue a little purple. 

Peter took this picture and it made me laugh because I totally feel like a pack horse sometimes when we go places, especially when we're out and about on a hot day and I'm carrying all the water for everyone! So here's a picture of our family in water bottles...

Another day we took some new friends to a different park in Asan. I had to share these cute ones of Samuel and his sweet friend Alivia...too cute!

Samuel snuggling his handsome Daddy.  :)

It was really warm that day and Samuel kept wanting to play in the stream water...

My friend Carrie took a sweet Mama & kids picture of us too. So there was one of me...just not of my face! LOL!

With all those cute kiddos together in one place we had to take a group shot of course...well, minus the Mom's...cause the Mom's are always taking the pictures.  :)

It was a fun day with some new friends.  :)

(I made the girls' skirts! Didn't they turn out cute?!)  :)

We did a LOT of swimming this summer and the kids have turned into quite the little fishes and LOVE to swim n the big pool even though we have several shallow pools at Splish and Splash to choose from. 

I didn't take many pictures of everyone swimming though because most of the time I took the kids by myself to the pool while Peter was at work and wrangling the 4 of them AND the camera around the pool was just a bit much for me.  :) 

Joy loves swimming underwater, but the poor girl does it one handed because she has to plug her nose! LOL! Just like her Mama. :) We'll have to work on that one at the indoor pool in the off season while Splish and Splash is closed until next summer.

This is not a good picture, I think it was taken by accident, but you get the idea of how comfortable the kids are around water now.... Joshua is flying off into the DEEP end! The kids, and Peter of course think it's hilarious that Mama can't touch in the deep end of the pool so I'm treading water just as much as the kids when I'm in. :)

My sleepy Samuel, so tired from swimming and playing in the sun...

Peter was happy to get to play his bass a little extra this summer when our Chapel had a worship BBQ in the park where the band played and he got to be a part of it. The kids all loved watching Daddy sing and play while they danced and ate with their friends. :)

Except for the fact that we didn't get home to the States at all, it was a pretty good summer for us here in S. Korea.  :)  


  1. Thanks so much for posting these pictures. You're so good at keeping us up to date. Peter needs to take the pictures some times so that we get more pictures of you. Oma

  2. What GREAT pictures! Looks like an awesome summer!!

  3. The kids are soooo cute and soooo grown up!! I agree with Oma, more pictures of Mrs. Adams please! :o) Thanks so much for sharing your summer pictures, we love them (and the people in them) soooo much!!
    Love, Grandma & Grandpa C.