Saturday, July 2, 2011

Froggy Fun

The other day, the wonderful Daddy in our house introduced all of us to the joys of frog 'hunting'. Of course our 'hunting' was just catching, holding and admiring the little creatures.  :)

It's monsoon season here in Korea, so even though it's summertime and very hot outside, every so often we get torrential downpours of heavy rain. This kind of amazing shower from the sky, mixed with the warm temperatures makes for some fun times in the rain. We have spent many an afternoon this last week playing outside in this extreme weather, but none was more fun than our froggy day...

We think they must have all come up from the rice paddies when the rains flooded them. All that water is  good for the rice paddies, but not for all the little critters in them. The water gets pretty deep in some places!

Checking out Mr. Frog up close...

It was pretty awesome...

After enjoying our tiny friends outside for awhile, we set them free, hoping to see them again another day.  :)

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