Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Reading Club

We have had the opportunity to be a part of an amazing summer reading program over here at our library. Our friend who is leading it is doing a wonderful job and the kids are so excited about going to their 'reading club' every Friday!

The theme this summer is "A Midsummer Knight's Dream." The kids all recieved fun shirts to wear the first week we went and they've been wearing them every Friday since.  :)

Every week they do a great storytime with wonderful books and crafts and then the kids get prizes for turning in their reading logs from the week. We record the books they've read and some of the ones that I read aloud to them too. This week, their prize was a giant bouncy ball that lights up and changes colors. The kids thought that was pretty cool, and then were even more excited when they got fuzzy caterpillar stuffed animals just for being there!

My kiddos were already 'book worms' before, but the incentive of the reading program has them reading ALL THE TIME! 

Even Faithy, who's not reading for herself yet, will bring me stacks of books so she can add more to her reading log to turn in (since books that Mom reads count too!) Of course Joy is always willing to read aloud to them also. She's such a good big sister.  :) 

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