Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sand! - Mallipo Beach, S.Korea

We had more beach fun earlier this week at Mallipo Beach! It was different than the first beach we went to. This one had real sand! 

There were starfish and other creatures too...

The kids all made friends and played with some local kids that spoke English very well and seemed excited to get to practice using it with us!  :)

The blue starfish were the most exciting find that day...

As usual, we had a few photoshoots with the local Korean people. It's so funny how many of them want their picture taken with random American children. My kids are so use to it now though, they don't seem to mind. Joshua even hams it up quite a bit and really gets the Korean girls squealing with delight as he poses for them and with them! It's a good thing we're in Korea while he's 5 and not 15.  :)

We also checked out another beach that day that was close to Mallipo but it wasn't as sandy. It was much more wet and muddy...Samuel still enjoyed playing in it though!

I think a few tiny crabs lost their lives that day because of this cute little guy! He kept trying to pick them up because they were everywhere, and they mostly got squished!

His other favorite part of the day was chasing all of the "doggies!" We kept telling him that all the seagulls were "birds" but he kept shouting "doggie!" as he chased them. :) By the time we left he did say "bird" a few times, but even the crabs he was calling "doggie" that day! :)

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