Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm Back!

Wow! It's been SO long since I've posted anything on either of my blogs but not for lack of having exciting things going on around here...The Adamses are still Having More Fun.  :)  So tonight I finally got around to going through way too many pictures from the last few months and as I tried to decide which ones to put up and which blog to put them on, I decided to MERGE THE BLOGS! It was silly to try and keep our school stuff separate from the rest of our adventures...the school part of our life, as in learning cool stuff, happens all the time...even when it's not "school time" and on most of our family adventures we're learning neat things along the way so to make it easier for me, I'm just going to put it all here. Blogger has a neat little import thing so all of my posts from the other page are now blended into this one so I didn't loose anything...awesome.  :)

We finished up our official school year, that is to say, our curriculum and have moved on to some fun summer time activities and are very much enjoying our Korean summer. It's beautiful....

I personally do not think that Korea is very pretty during the rest of the year, but the summertime is pretty amazing. I haven't taken a picture of them yet this year but the rice paddies...which are EVERYWHERE...are the most amazing green and are so full and gorgeous right now. But here are a few glimpses of some other green that is all around us here. We're loving it!

One of our favorite projects we did this year was our solar system that the lovely Mrs. Cook invited us to do with her girls. I've had a few people ask to see the finished product since all I posted on facebook way back when, was a picture of the yummy cupcakes I made to finish off our study! So here is the rest of it that Joy and Joshua worked so hard to paint and put together.

Now it hangs from one of the fans in the house. We enjoy getting to see it everyday, though I don't think Peter appreciates it when it smacks him in the head when he's not paying attention and walks by it! Oops...It's high enough for me to walk under so that's all I thought about when I hung it! But I guess for most people, that's not high enough. :)

And for those of you that didn't see them before, the planet cupcakes. :)

It's been HOT here. So we've been enjoying as many cooling activities as we can. Including many days of squirt gun fun outside.

We are also very thankful this summer for all the playgrounds that are right downstairs. There is a lot of room to run and climb and explore in the sun!

And of course we are SO blessed to have the amazing Splish and Splash water park right here on post where we have been spending many of our days.  :)

Samuel is even in on the fun this year!

So our summer days have been anything but lazy! We've been quite busy actually, and having lots of messy fun too...

We painted some big pictures with all sorts of fun tools that made different patterns and designs...

Faith Elaina loved mixing the colors and painting herself more than her giant paper.  :)

Thankfully, it was washable. :)

All three of the big kids were painting on the kitchen floor, but Faithy was wearing more of it than anyone else! :)

Joshua spent a lot more time contemplating his 'blank canvas' than the girls did, they just dove right in!...One of them literally! :)

We had some lovely art to grace our walls when all was finished...and everyone was bathed. :)

This was when she was just getting started (pre-ponytail) before Mommy realized just how much fun we were going to have wearing the paint. :)

Of course all of this took place when Samuel was napping. So when he woke up we had to do some clean/mess free painting.

He loved it of course, and this Mama loved it because there was nothing to clean up! I just untaped the baggies from the window and tossed them when we were done. They actually lasted a few days before they started to get stiff. 

Mixing colors with big brother...

The big kids liked this one too, especially when they realized they could write in it and it would stay for awhile till the paint got squished again. We got to see some awesome color mixing happening with the paint up on the window with the bright light shining in.

"Look Mom! No Mess!..."

All this painting fun got us talking about paint, the different kinds and how it's made and where it comes from and what people used to use before Crayola was ever invented! So we looked it up and learned some really cool things and even found a recipe to make our own paint out of egg yolk and colored chalk. Joy was very excited about it!

We crushed up several different colors of chalk and placed them in a muffin tin. Then we mixed the egg yolk (surprisingly, not the white, just the yolk) and a tiny bit of water and then added a little bit of that to each of our piles of chalk powder and stirred them up.


We read about this recipe for making egg paint when we were reading about the artist Giotto and how he use to mix egg yolk with clay, berries or insects to make the pigment.

On another day, the highlight was getting to watch the window washers clean our windows way up on the 7th floor! We had friends over and were surprised when we discovered our windows were somehow being sprayed with water way up here. So of course we had to open the blinds and check it out. The children all enjoyed it very much, the window washers were quite entertaining!

And that's just a tiny glimpse...a few days from the last few months but I'll stop my "I'm Back" post there and hopefully will be posting again soon on more recent Adams Family Adventures! That is if I can find the time after all the fun we've been having and before this Mama passes out each night! :)


  1. Just saw this fun project on pinterest. Did you just put acrylic paint in the baggies on the windows or what? Thanks so much! Kelly

  2. I found you through pinterest, clicked on your blog to get a craft idea and as soon as I saw the picture from the summer at camp humphreys, I instantly got excited! we are air force and was eat osan 09-10. what a wonderful experience!!


  3. Hi, Breanna. I saw your paint-in-a-bag trick on Pinterest. Love it! I made one for my son (almost three), and we've had a lot of fun with it. Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. We are also a military family...Air Force...and also stationed far from home. But we are Georgia folks now living in the San Francisco area, so that's a lot closer than South Korea.

  4. Saw the paint in the bag trick on pinterest and we tested it out today and was a huge hit for even the 11 mos old! Thanks, Shannon

  5. Love your ideas to try with my grandkids.

  6. Love this idea. Saw you on Pintrest and loved the idea of the ziploc and paint for my 3 year old. My son is adopted from Korea and we were there in ...beautiful country. I hope you are enjoying it.

  7. Love the paint bag idea! It is going in our hospital bag for big sister! I am also an army wife and spent 2.5yrs in Korea :) I miss it there! That was the best place we have been so far!

  8. I'm so doing this ziplock painting tomorrow with my boys!

  9. Love the paint in the bag idea! Can't wait to try that with my son ^^

  10. Love the paint in the bag and making your own paint from chalk and egg yolk. Will try that soon.

  11. You are an awesome and creative mom. What a great experience for you and your family to spend this time in Korea.

  12. Thanks for these creative ideas. :))

  13. Hello,

    I’m writing to you on behalf of Disney’s We’d love to include this craft in a post on our site, and one of the photos found above.

    Would you be willing to give us permission to use your photos on our site and social pages? We will link back to your site and give you proper photo credit.

    Please let me know if you are interested.

    Kimberly Zapata