Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July Fun in South Korea!

Happy 4th of July from the Adams'! We had a wonderful day celebrating and just being together.  :) We went out to the lake and art park for awhile...

Daddy skipped rocks and the kids just threw them, but everyone had a good time!

We caught some live things to explore in our buckets...that's always exciting!

One of our favorite spots is the waterfall at the Art Park. It's SO beautiful there! So that's where we decided to eat our picnic lunch and play for awhile. 

The park has these little sinks all over that have actual faucets, not like a drinking fountain, more like a place to wash your hands?? Anyway, Peter quickly turned it into a sprinkler for the kids. 

Of course they enjoyed every minute of it! It was pretty hot today.  :)

I figured at some point today that we'd get wet somehow at the lake park so I brought extra clothes for everyone....and it's a good thing I did!

Peter thoroughly enjoyed torturing his children...

Especially after he realized that he could turn the faucet head and REALLY get them good!

And when Daddy was done...of course they all had to do it too. 

I had to stop and take a picture of some of the rice paddies on the way home today to show you. They are SO green and beautiful! I love them! Well, during this time of year I do. During the rest of the year, everything you see that is green now, is mud.  :(  So I am very much enjoying the view until rice harvesting time. 

Then later we headed back to post for some fun at Freedom Fest. Bounce houses of all sorts were of course the favorite of the kiddos.

And seeing sweet friends...

We decided this year to head home and enjoying our fireworks from our balcony since we live on post now!

We had a GREAT view! It was awesome!

I hope everyone back home in the States has a wonderful 4th of July celebration! We miss you tons! Love ~ Peter, Bree, Joy, Joshua, Faith and Samuel   :)

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