Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Little Brothers

There are a lot of games and activities that the kids prefer to play on the floor. They love to spread out and play or create, but lately, doing so has been extremely frustrating for them. Each of the children at one point or another earned the title in our house, "The Destroyer", because he or she would 'mess up' whatever their older sibling or siblings were playing or building. Well, the title has now been passed on to the littlest in the family and he is now known as "Samuel The Destroyer!"
There's just something about little brothers, they are WAY worse when it comes to destroying! Joshua and Samuel have enjoyed tearing things apart or knocking them down, much more than Faith ever did. And poor Joy has just learned over the years that if it is important to her that something she makes stays intact, then it's got to be up high. She likes to sit at the table or on the top bunk, up high and away from destructive little hands while she creates!

I printed this game for Joshua, but Faith got a hold of it first and asked to play when Joshua was doing something else. So I told her it was fine with me. She was smart, she did this when Samuel was asleep.
Later, when Joshua wanted to play, it was a different story! He was almost done with all of them when I heard the scream....
This was what was heading his way! (it's a little blurry because he was moving so fast!)
He knew exactly what he wanted, what he was after and no screaming brother was going to deter him! 
He was on a mission!....To get at WHATEVER it was that Joshua had!

Yes, I'm that crazy with my camera that I have it handy for all these moments! Joy even said, "Mom why are you taking pictures?! Pick him up!" And I did, just before he made it all the way to Joshua! 
It happened fast, but I was able to catch a few shots...even if they are blurry. Alone they might not tell much of a story, but when seen in sequence they're quite funny to me! Maybe you had to be there...but I thought I'd share them anyway.  :)

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  1. I had to laugh out loud. This was hysterical! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. By the way, the kids are looking sooooo grown up. Boo! Hoo!