Friday, October 1, 2010

She's A Color Master, Comedian and now "The Assistant"

SuperGirl is a 'Color Master' these days and is quite proud about not mixing them up anymore. So this week I got out some of our 'Brown Bear' games and we played them and celebrated how fast she can do the all now without any help! This one she's matching the 'Brown Bear' characters to their shadows and telling me the color and animal name of each one and chanting the "...What do you see?" from the book. 
 Another day we broke out the heads and tails 'Brown Bear' puzzles to match. This time though she said to me, "This  is going to be SO EASY Mom!" and she's right, it was way easier for her compared to just a couple of months ago, there's no hesitation anymore. :)
 She was very excited that the green frog was the exact green as her shirt!
After matching all the heads and tails correctly, then she did this... 
I told her, "You're so silly! Those don't go together!" and she said, "Yeah Mom, it's a 'cat-frog' and a fish-bird...etc.!" She was full of giggles and that caught CaptainAmerica's interest. He thought her new animal creations were quite clever and wanted in on the fun. So they continued to mix them up and make new combinations for quite awhile.  :) Much longer than I thought this particular game would last!
And now she's been dubbed, "The Assistant" by her big sister. You know how much of a performer Joy is and how she LOVES to put on shows...well Faith Elaina has decided she's wanting some of the spotlight these days and recently began putting on 'shows' like her sister has done for years. I finally suggested that they try and do something TOGETHER instead of fighting over the 'stage' and Joy said, "That's a great idea, you can  be my assistant!" I wasn't sure how Faith would like this new role but she was as excited as could be listening to her sister gush..."I'll teach you everything I know, my Assistant!" Then I was in fits of giggles myself watching it all play out. :)
In the end, they cooperated beautifully and put on a wonderful performance for myself and their brothers, who, were not quite as impressed as I was! LOL!


  1. Will you send me the files or the links for the brown bear stuff, I need it! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. SO Sweet! I remember Joy's shows! How fun that they are doing it together now!