Saturday, October 16, 2010

Our Baby is One!

Our Baby Boy turned ONE this week! He's not walking yet, but he sure wants to, and enjoys doing it with help. 
 Samuel enjoyed some crisp fall weather this week and got a hair cut right before his big day.
 He loves to be out on the playground now, but gets frustrated that he can't go run after the kids yet.
It is always a big deal in our house to get to choose your birthday theme and decide what kind of cake you want. Since Samuel isn't big enough to tell us yet, his brother and sisters decided on a farm cake for him. :)
After getting really frustrated trying to make animals out of icing, I gave up and just printed some, cut them out and stuck them on the cake! LOL! It's kind of cheating, but I just couldn't make a frosting cow for nothing! Peter's commentary over my shoulder didn't help either!
 Samuel Clark was not sure what to think of this big group of friends singing to him! He was quite serious through the whole cake experience.
 I was sad that day thinking about celebrating his 1st birthday with no family around, especially the grandparents, but Peter saved the day and filled our house with friends at the last minute and made this Mama much happier! :) It was so nice to be surrounded by our friends who have really become our Korea family while we're here. We are so blessed to have them! Here are a few of them singing to Samuel on his special day...
Samuel was so funny with his first taste of cake. He wasn't sure what to do with it at first...
 He poked at it for awhile with all the kids around him chanting, "Eat it! Eat it!"
 He finally went for it, all at once!
 Once he discovered that he liked it, then the shoveling began!
He had fun opening his presents with a lot of help from the other kids!
My sweet friend Carrie took some pics and shared them with me since I was busy with the birthday boy and I didn't get many with my camera.
He got a little overwhelmed at the party so we saved some of his presents until later when it was just us in the house. He had figured it out by that point and thoroughly enjoyed tearing all the paper!
 These are my favorites! I love the pictures of him 'reading' his special book from  G. & G. Churchill. I can't wait to give it to him when he's old enough to read all about the other Samuel Adams.  :)

And now I'll end this post with an answer to not 1, but 11 emails and messages I got from friends and a few family members that were "waiting for our announcement" this week! With each of the other kids, during the week of their first birthdays we announced that we were expecting the next addition to our family. But for those of you waiting for the announcement....Samuel will not be getting a sibling for his birthday so there is no announcement. I was shocked at how many people were thinking of that this week when Samuel turned one. It was very sweet of so many of you that said you'd be disappointed if Samuel was the end of this branch of the Adams clan. You made us all feel very loved!  :) Thank you for all the birthday wishes for him, he had a very fun and special day!


  1. So sad! I was hoping to hear all about the next Adams baby to come! You guys make the cutest babies!

  2. Oh yeah! Samuel looked like he had a fun day! Happy Birthday big boy!

  3. I kept checking for the pictures. So glad that he had a great birthday. Sure wish we could have been there. The cake was really cute...even with the cut out pictures...the chick looked great! Glad that you had people there to help you celebrate. And if you would've made a big announcement it really would've been miraculous! Of course, Joy was a miracle.

  4. Your cake decorating skills are amazing! :)
    Love your pictures and blog! Thank you for staying in touch this way. <3

  5. Oh my litttle sweetiepie.How I would just love to hug him.He is at such a cute age .Thank you for the great pictures.This will finish off his 1 year book I have been keeping for him.The Samuel Adams book was a terrific idea.

  6. Looks like so much fun! I'm glad you had friends around to celebrate with you! We miss you TONS! and we too were wondering about the next
    'announcement'! :) Hee! Hee! Love you guys and we're praying for you often!