Friday, October 1, 2010

A Cool Trick

The lower case letters 'b' and 'd' I've found to be often mixed up by my little ones when they are reading. I've known of the trick for years making 'b's and 'd's with your hands but this week I learned and even more fun way to remember which is which without having to stop in the middle of reading and look at your hands...
 A mom friend taught it to me and apparently it's from an educational kids show, but I'm not sure which one, she couldn't remember. The words go, "Liiiiiiiiine, circle is the letter 'b'! Ciiiiiiirrrcle, line is the letter 'd'!" She didn't know what the tune was suppose to be but she started singing it to the 'Green Acres' tune and it worked! So we decided that must be it! :) The kids love ANYTHING put to a song, so they picked this up right away! We practiced drawing circles and lines in the right order, sticking them together to make b's and d's and laughed while we sang it over and over that day. Now they sing it all the time and it makes me smile knowing they'll probably never again forget which one is a 'b' and which one is a 'd'.  :)


  1. That is SO COOL! I'm writing this one down! Okay, well, I write all your ideas down, but I'm going to write this one down NOW! :)

  2. They have such cool things now. Wish I had learned tricks like this when I was a kid!

  3. I woke up singing this song this morning...and I don't even need it to remember which is b and which is d. Fantastic idea!