Friday, October 1, 2010

Labels! and Labels! and ABC'S!

You've probably noticed the words on everything in the background of some of the pictures this week. That's because we had fun one day going label nutty in the house! The kids thought it was great fun.
 We all tried sounding out the words and I helped with the tricky ones. When someone figured out what the word was, they got to go put it on whatever the word said.
 Faith was silly and only wanted to sit in the labeled chair! She thought it was pretty cool that she could 'read' the words and kept telling us what everything said. It ended up being another tricky game to get the kids comfortable with letters, words and reading in a really fun way! Even Faith has been chanting "W-A-L-L, wall! W-A-L-L wall!" and many other words around the house with the other kids.
We had more fun with our alphabet cards this week too.  I wrote the alphabet on some wooden clothespins and let Joy and Joshua start by alphabetizing them on the ribbon we hung. 
They did a great job and finished so much faster than when we first started alphabetizing!

Next it was Faith's turn to put the letters up on their matching pin. Pinching the clothes pins was a bit of a challenge for her, but a good fine motor workout for tiny fingers! We said the letter sounds as we put them up too. Here she is with her 'F'...she's been excited about finding 'F's since we've talked about her name letters so much this week. 
 The big kids helped with a few...
The next time we played we did it "SPEEDY" and the big kids alphabetized and hung them all up as fast as they could! More sneaky learning fun.  :)


  1. Great ideas! Great ideas! Great ideas! Love 'em!

  2. So cool! What lucky kiddos!

  3. You're a ROCKSTAR Bree!! So creative!

  4. I am pretty sure that if there was an award for SUPER MOM (which BTW I think you should add your pic to the line up and label yourself just that) YOU would definately be the winner HANDS DOWN! You are amazing! I envy your dilligence and creativity! How amazing!