Monday, February 29, 2016

Their Favorite Time of the Week

There's nothing the kiddos and I love more than sharing an amazing book together. We have countless favorites and sweet memories wrapped up in each one, it's too hard to choose which we've liked the best. I love, love, love reading aloud to them and I love even more how much they enjoy it. And when they ask "Plllllleeeeease Mama, read to us?" I never can say no! 
But, there is something a little more special than Mama reading, cause they get to hear that everyday,
 and that's when DADDY reads. :)

When Daddy is home, he reads often to them before bed when his schedule allows. But since being deployed the children have really missed it...Daddy does all the cool voices for each character... 
(WAY better than Mommy does! LOL!)

So their awesome Daddy decided to start recording himself reading aloud and is 
sending us a chapter at a time to listen to. The kids are THRILLED!

Their sweet Daddy snapped a picture for me to use while he was recording a chapter for them. :)

He sends them to me using Dropbox and I can open them up and play them through the Jambox. 
The incredible technology of this day and age and this amazing little speaker brings Daddy's voice into our home from the other side of the world and allows us to share stories together, 
something we Adams' treasure. 

I waited until he had recorded several chapters before I surprised the kids with it. 
I knew it would be torture for them if I only had one chapter and then we had to stop.

Sure enough, that first chapter ended and there were wails of sadness!...
"Oh no! Is there more? Please let there be more than one to listen to tonight!" 

It was pretty awesome for these kiddos to be able to connect and share something with their Daddy while he's so far away. We are thankful for the phone calls, mail and Face-Time too, but this is extra special for them. We have finished all the chapters we have so far and eagerly await more! 

When we read aloud they often like to draw or crochet or build, so that's what they did for awhile, while they were snuggled down enjoying every word and then one by one they stopped being busy with their hands and just listened. What a comfort to a military kid to get to regularly be read to by Daddy while he's deployed. Hearing his voice makes him feel not so far away. I'm so thankful for Peter for taking the time to do this! The kids have said many times how this is their very favorite thing and they hope he never stops sending new chapters! (So Honey, there's no foreseeable end to this or you are going to have some disappointed kiddos! Better plan ahead for that next book!)


  1. Love these pictures sooo much! What a treasure that Daddy is! But I've got to know--what's he reading???

    1. Yes! Right now he's reading the 2nd book in the Percy Jackson series. But probably their favorite he's read has been the first 7 books of the OZ series. So thankful that there are so many good ones out there to choose from! :)