Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Comfort Crew Care Packages!

We received some special packages this week! I signed the kids each up at to receive a deployment care package (free!) from the organization. They didn't know that they were coming so they were very excited to get mail! 

The Comfort Crew puts together these sweet boxes for children of deployed parents. 

Inside each were these adorable teddy bears, complete with dog-tags, a camo printed scarf, and some other accessory items to dress them up. Every one of them was given a name in minutes! We now have a "Chaplain Huggie Bear," one called just "Airborne" (LOL!) one who is "General Cuddles" 
and another "Captain Snuggles." 

Each box also had an animated dvd about a few different kids and how they were dealing with deployment, a deployment journal with all sorts of activities inside, postcards to send Daddy, a family fun deployment guide, and card inside with this message... 

They loved all of it, but those bears were the prized possession from each box! The bears played all the rest of the day along side them and even went to the commissary with us. :)

The bears stayed in their arms all through the rest of the day. 

They played hard, and the littles passed out on the couch by late afternoon, still clutching them!

It was a sweet gift to brighten our week and they are so thankful for the box of fun, 
but especially the teddy bears to snuggle. :)

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