Tuesday, February 23, 2016

OUR Side of Deployment...How We're Really Doing

I haven't blogged in a very long time! Peter is keeping it up (over here) pretty regularly now while he's deployed and it's been fun for the kiddos and I to read about his days.

But I have had several inquires from family about how we're doing over here on OUR side of the deployment, telling me now is the perfect time to be blogging so they, and Daddy, can have a peek into our daily life while he's away. So here I am, posting again about this amazing life we've been blessed with, albeit challenging at times, and the adventures we Adams' are having. :)

A fairly recent pic of the crew :)
For those wondering how we're all holding up...We are a few weeks in, and it already feels like it's been MUCH longer! Haha! :) Does that give you a clue?! I know it'll get easier as we get use to our new routine and find our own battle rhythm here at home, but we're definitely enduring a challenging adjustment period.

The day he left was full of tears and hugs and something no other can really understand unless they've been through a deployment. The most difficult thing for me (after saying goodbye to my hubby for 9 months!) was watching my babies have to say goodbye to their most favorite person, and helping them go through all the emotions of those first days and weeks.

It was a daily roller coaster at first, going from sad... "I miss Daddy"..."Nine months is FOREVER!" ...to anger..."I hate the army!"..."Why does the army have to send Daddy away!?"...to disgust..."It isn't fair that he has to go!"..."I just want Daddy to have a normal job." :/

Amidst all the emotions were lots of snuggles and conversation about the Army being not just Daddy's job, but what God has called him to, how the soldiers need Daddy and he has to go where they are so that he can serve them and help them. Slowly, the comments changed from pain filled to hopeful, from selfish to selfless. We talked about the things we will be doing here at home over the deployment, what we have to look forward to, and what could help the time seemingly go quicker for us. We brainstormed ideas for future care packages, began making cards and pictures and mail to send. One kiddo suggested praying everyday for Daddy and the soldiers he's serving, another said, "I miss Daddy, but we can't be selfish about him. God wants us to share him so the soldiers will know God loves them." And once again, this Mama is floored that these kids can look beyond themselves and could see purpose and mission in what Daddy is doing and why he has to be gone. - They are the ones helping ME to have a better attitude about it all!

We are surrounded by amazing friends and neighbors who are going through or have been through the same thing, so we have an abundance of support and love here! One example of this love in action was the day we dropped him off, the kids and I came home to the loveliest hug of a care package on our doorstep from a couple of sweet families. It was filled with notes of encouragement, yummy dessert and delicious breakfast all ready for the next day so Mama didn't have to think about what to make, and beautiful flowers to brighten our sad day! Needless to say, coming home to all that made me tear up too...Grateful tears for such a treasure of friends! Everywhere we have lived, God has always provided that, He loves us so much!

So each of us is handling the beginning of this new, hard adventure in our own way and I'm doing my best to help the kids as their little hearts are aching missing their Daddy. They love to look at pictures and talk about him and the older two especially, love to read his blog and read about what he did each day. Samuel has asked almost everyday to watch old movies of Daddy on the ipad. We have several that I recorded of him singing and playing his guitar and they are everyone's favorite to watch. Sometimes they even turn it on and just listen to it as they are doing schoolwork or chores, and for a little bit it feels like he's just in the other room playing his guitar like he does when he's home. It's nice. I'm very glad for those videos. Especially for this little guy, it's helping him through.

So to all of those who have asked and been worried about us, thank you for thinking of us, we're doing okay. We are so thankful for the love and prayers of our family and friends. These children constantly amaze me at how resilient they are. On those particularly hard days when Mommy just wants to cry, they let me and tell me,"It's ok to be sad," "Daddy misses you too," or "I think you need a hug"...and they're right! I am amazed at their sweet, grace filled wisdom and I definitely think Peter has the more difficult side of the deployment, at least I have our awesome kiddos to walk through it with me!

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  1. Hi, Breanna, Reading your blog teared me up especially that "God wants us to share him..." part!!! Even though Steve is gone for a month, I already broke down and cried in front of my babies a few times... And this made me ponder what it'd be like to live through deployment. But I'm definitely seeking God more than ever now, and I'm counting his blessings through this hard times. You're in my prayers, friend!