Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Fun

January has been a pretty relaxed month for us and we've been enjoying being at home with not many extra activities in our schedule.  Here are a few cute pics from the month that aren't about anything specific, just fun for the grandparents to see some glimpses of our days. 

Faithy sitting back and reading all by herself. :) It's just the BOB Books first readers, only 4-6 pages each, but still, I love that she enjoys getting them out and reading through them on her own sometimes.

Alice...I mean Faith  :) doing the big USA puzzle while the boys are sorting our wooden letters in the back.

For some reason they actually think it's fun to dump the whole box...on purpose... and reorganize them. I'm glad they do though, cause before they decided they enjoyed this, I use to hate it when I would, or one of the other kids would drop the box and all the letters would get mixed up! It would take way to much time for me to sort everything in the right places...but now they do it for fun. :)

Samuel draws people now!! He loves getting out the magnet clothes and shapes that I cut out and likes to use them on the whiteboard.

We've had so many cold, dark, gloomy days this month. One day we got a package from some dear friends that had glo sticks in them. The next day, though it was already 8am it was incredibly dark in the house still because of the snow clouds outside. We decided that was the perfect time to break them out and play with them! And it was tons of fun but I didn't get many pictures since the light was so bad.

He's getting so big. Happy :)  and sad  :(  about this.

Joy's been helping with a lot with the baking. She loves to make treats with me before our Bible study group comes over each week.

For the first time in our house we can play a game and EVERYONE can play themselves...we don't have to have any 'teams' with the littlest's bitter sweet! Samuel can totally play UNO with us now and can match the colors and numbers all by himself. It's been fun when we all play together but it's sure making me miss my babies!!!

I went to the flower market with a friend earlier in the week and I was hunting around for vases and jars to put all my flowers in. One of them was just a clear sauce jar and Joshua decided he wanted to make it pretty for me. So he layered it with masking tape to give it texture, then painted it purple. :) It turned out beautiful and perfect for my little flowers. He's such a sweet boy!

Even playing in the rice Faithy turns it into a tea party! :) She loves her little plastic party tea cups that Oma sent. :)


  1. Oh my they're all getting so big, especially Samuel!! So cute!

  2. New follower here - love all of your activities!