Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Look Back

I haven't posted in so very long! But the Adams family is still around and having lots of fun! We have been having computer issues, photo program issues, hard drive's terrible! And has made it very difficult to be able to blog. There were so many great things that happened in 2012 and awesome pictures that I'd love to share but currently, I can't access anything before November...though my dear husband promises me that they are there...and he's working on it. I can look at them, I just can access them to do anything with them. 

So for now, I have a few photos from the last couple of months to share, some sweet moments with my babies that I'm sure at least the grandparents will enjoy!

Samuel and Faith at the park in November...

Decorating our itty bitty Christmas tree here in Korea...we are SO excited that next year we'll be back in the States and will get to decorate our BIG tree that's been in storage for so long!

A little bit of preschool fun with Samuel...stamping the letter i with rectangle and cylinder shape blocks. :)

And his adorable pine cone Christmas tree.  :)

The kids enjoyed making some Christmas gifts for the grandparents this year. The 3 older kids all tried out some sewing projects...

My sweet, crazy bunch!

Fun in the snow with friends...

Celebrating the 1st snow of the season with hot cocoa, our tradition every year.  :)

And making paper snowflakes of course!

Some fun in the snow shots...

A few with Mama too...

I don't want to forget these moments when their all grown up. At least for now it's still fun to cram into the bathroom with your brothers and sisters and brush together. :) I'm sure we'll hear differently in a few years.

We got to see one of our sweet friends perform with her Korean ballet company up in Seoul. We rode the train up with her husband. 

It was a fun adventure!

They performed the story of Jonah from the Bible. The dances were beautiful!

And it was so fun to get to see our friend perform!

My sweet boys fell asleep on the train ride home...

We had a super busy December because we were very involved in a production of A Christmas Carol with our community theater on post here. We were part of the Cratchit family....

Joshua was the cutest Tiny Tim ever!

We never really got around to getting a nice picture taken for Christmas cards the year, so this is what came out of our impromptu photo session one night in our PJ's so we'd have something to send out with a few cards....though we weren't very good about getting them out this year! :(

It's been super cold here...and we've consumed a lot of hot cocoa and marshmallows because of it. :)

Faithy making a bed and choosing a babydoll to play baby Jesus...

Joy decorated our birthday cake for Jesus this year!  :)

We had a wonderful Christmas and are excited about the new year and all the fun that is to come in 2013! I plan to get back to regular blogging next week as we start back up homeschooling again so hopefully it won't be too long before another post! :)


  1. You take beautiful photos & have such adorable kids! Thanks for sharing these! It's funny how blogging can come & go like waves, life makes it complicated sometimes. Or, in my case, I make it too complicated & take forever to complete a post haha. I really need to be better about posting "everyday" stuff. Happy new year to you guys!

  2. Your pictures are very successful and they show a lot of love :)

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