Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Desert Diorama

I always love it when the kids can all work on something together. Today we made some desert dioramas and all four of them got really into it. :) 

Here Samuel is coloring his cactus :)

And Faithy is coloring what will be the floor of her desert. :)

Joy and Joshua, hard at work on all their details...

Samuel is gluing broken toothpicks on "to make the pokes" he said, for his cactus.

Some of Joy's adorable desert creatures!

Joshua's great diorama! :)

Samuel, Faith and Mommy did one together but Faith didn't want to take a picture after we were done with it.

Joy and her adorable diorama. :)

All of them together. :) It was something fun to do one cold afternoon....but I sure wish spring would hurry up and get here!!!


  1. Hi!! I love it you blog!! your childrens are beautiful!! God you bless. Elizabeth

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