Sunday, July 8, 2012


Since my blog is kind of like a family scrapbook I wanted to post this one. We've been doing family game night during our weeks when our schedules have permitted it and we've all really enjoyed it. The kids very much look forward to game night. This picture is of the night we introduce the kids to Yahtzee!  We have taught them several new games over the last couple of months but this night we actually remembered to get a picture of it.  :)  It's one of those pictures that reminds me of one of our many happy times doing something all together. I hope someday seeing it, my children will remember it that way too!

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  1. Hi Mrs Adams,

    I love this. I think board games are a dying breed but really enjoyed playing these games as a youngster. I sometimes play yahtzee at with my friends who are overseas but really miss it when we used to get together and have game nights, starting with yahtzee and we would also play kerplunk and other great games too.

    Who won, by the way?