Thursday, July 5, 2012

This One is For Grandpa C.

This one is for Grandpa C.   :)  Do you know what the kids are doing?.......

There are somethings that just completely take me back to my childhood. Doing this with my kids was one of them.  :) I haven't heard them all giggle this much in a long time! And the whole time I just kept thinking of my Dad and all the silly songs and things he'd say when it was his chin face that was talking. :)

Love you Dad, and all the silly, wonderful memories from my childhood! :)


  1. Grandpa C likes!! Yeah, we had some pretty silly times and lots of laughs so I'm glad that you are sharing those things with your kids too!! Love you too and thans for sharing the fun times!!

  2. Love the chin faces! My sister and I did this as well when we were growing up!!! Lots of fun!

  3. I remember when we used to do this together when we were little. Friday night sleepovers before dance, What a sweet memory.....I am going to have to try this with Noah.