Sunday, March 11, 2012

WAY Back in January...

Life has been so busy in the Adams' household, I haven't blogged in ages! WAAAAAAAYYYYY back in January we were having quite a bit of fun! We did a lot of 'snowy' themed art and play, went on an awesome field trip and enjoyed a fun dress up night at Awanas. Here is a glimpse of some of the things we did...

We enjoyed some fun black and white snowy art.  :)

Faithy made a cute snow family picture and practiced writing all of our family names on the circles.

I LOVE that she drew each of our faces so differently!

We also got to go on an awesome field trip to see the Chinook Helicopters with our homeschool group!

The kids loved it!

One of our sweet friends had a birthday and I got to make her fun artist's cake.  :)

We did another fun snowman project with marshmallows...and of course we had to eat some too.

Joy and Joshua got to dress up as snow people for a theme night for Awana. They were so cute!

Joshua spent many days playing with the dominoes and making all sorts of shapes and designs to knock down...

We got a few more snow flurries...

The kids always love to sit at the window and watch it fall down, it's so pretty.  :)

It was fun for awhile, now we are praying that spring will come quickly! We are so tired of the cold! Hopefully it will be here soon.  :)

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  1. What a fun and busy month!! Looks like many more memories were created :)