Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fabulous February!

February was a great month for us, and it flew by fast with everything we had going on keeping us busy! Of course we did several Valentine and heart themed arts and crafts. We started the month out doing them right away so we could get the house decorated. :)

Painting is a favorite in our house, so we had to make sure and do some pretty Valentine colored masterpieces to hang on the wall. :)

Our popcorn sensory bin came out several times this month by request, and Faith and Samuel especially enjoyed playing in the kernels. :)

Faithy and Samuel enjoyed practicing setting the table many times. :) They are getting really good at it!

I found this placemat table setting printable over at They enjoyed matching everything to what was pictured on the paper.

Joy started piano lessons in January and is really loving it still in February. :)

We played a lot of UNO! this month. It's so fun as the kids get older and can play more and more games with us that we like to play! We also opened up the game Trouble and Rack-O this month that they really enjoyed too. :)

It was Daddy's birthday! The kids enjoyed celebrating it almost as much as he did! They were very excited to give him their cards that they worked so hard on and watch him/help him open his presents.  :)

Samuel enjoyed some piano playtime too!

He loves to wear the headphones...and we don't mind it when he does! It's much quieter for the rest of us, LOL!

We did a neat project using crayons on the griddle. It made a really cool, bold color effect on the paper as we pressed it on the warm griddle. We tried it first at home...

And after a couple of minutes, Mama got nervous and made him put on an oven mit! :) Just incase!

Later in the week I did it with our whole homeschool co-op class and their pictures all turned out really neat. The warmer the griddle, the smoother and brighter the crayon markings will be. We will definitely be doing this one again!

Daddy did some fun art lessons with the kids. He is really great at drawing and always creates fun looking characters so one day he walked the kids through step by step as he drew some animal pictures, teaching them how to make them.  :)

Here are some of Daddy's...

And Joy's...

And Joshua's...

Faithy's birthday was in February too, but I already blogged about that one! She had some birthday money though and was very excited to get to go on a date with Daddy out to lunch and shopping to spend her birthday money.  :)

Valentine's Day! Daddy and I received this adorable alligator valentine from Joshua. He was very proud of all the tons of hearts he drew and colored in and made sure to tell me that it took him hours and hours to make all of those hearts! :)

We also had to start the day off right with some heart shaped pancakes of course.  :)

The themed night at Awanas was crazy hat night!

Joy made a pipe cleaner hat and Joshua...a balloon hat. :) It was pretty fun.

Our homeschool group went on a field trip to the bowling alley and got a behind the scenes tour before we bowled! :)

Joy was surprised at how big the pins were since they don't look very big from way down at the beginning of the lane where you throw the ball from!

Faithy, watching her ball roll slowly down the lane, waiting to see if it'll knock some down...

Joy got a strike!

Even Samuel bowled!

He thought that was pretty cool! Especially when everyone was yelling "Yay Samuel! You did it!"

It was a very fun time with great friends.  :)

Faithy decided when she turned 4 this month that she wanted to do more 'school work' on paper like Joy and Joshua and asked specifically if she could have some math on paper to do. So I found these great math printables from Confessions of a Homeschooler and Faithy loved them. They are simple addition facts with 3 answers for each that they get to choose the correct one from. Instead of having her mark her answers with a pencil or crayon, I had her put a sticker on it so that I could peel them off and we could reuse them again. I think there were about 10 pages worth so I gave her a few the first day and she did different ones the next time, not having to redo the same pages till the next week. I was amazed at how fast she could answer them the next time we went through them though. She's enjoying her 'math on paper' very much!  :)

We did an impromptu photo shoot in the living room one day where I got my new favorite "LOVE" picture of the kids...

Most of the other really great ones I posted on Facebook already, but here are a few more that I hadn't posted yet...

Our little 'ham'...

So, now that it's March and I've updated you on January and February, maybe I'll actually get around to blogging through March before the month has passed! I'll try! :)

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  1. I just love how much fun you all seem to have with your children. I think that there should be more pictures in your blog of you with them too though. lol. You are with them all the time ya know.

    My daughter is teaching English in Daejeon, wish you were closer to her, she would have a blast visiting your family. I think that her life is a bit different from yours though.

    God bless you all and keep up the great work!