Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Faith Elaina!

Faithy had a wonderful birthday celebration this weekend! She's one happy 4 year old!

Her only requests for her party were that it be 'Jessie' themed (from Toy Story), 
that all of the kids from Bible study would be invited...

That we have popcorn and juice pouches...


And "fruit on a stick"...

Here she is playing 'Pin the tail on Bullseye'.  :)

And of course, she had to have a 'Jessie' cake!

Our beautiful birthday girl...

How did she get to be 4 years old already?

It feels like just yesterday she was this adorable chubby little baby...

She's growing up too fast!  :(

At the end of the day, all snuggled in her new 'Jessie' pj's she declared, 
"It was my best birthday ever!"

So....Mission Accomplished! :)


  1. You do so much work for each of your kids' birthdays. My hat's off to you. It looks like everyone had a lot of fun and it was certainly a "Jessie" Birthday. Job well done. Oma

  2. Looks like a fun party! Happy birthday Faith!!

  3. What a sweet girl and it looks like it was such a fabulous party! Love the cake!! Beautiful!!

    Crafty Hugs!

  4. You are amazing! Faith is adorable. I swear I was just reading the blog about her 3rd birthday, where does the time go?