Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas in Korea 2013

This Christmas, our fourth and final (at least for this tour) in Korea was wonderful! We made so many memories and had tons of fun with our Army family. God continues to bless us with amazing friends each year and I love each and every one of them!

Our last performance of Oliver on the afternoon of Christmas Eve was a hit with over 300 people in attendance. Peter woke up horribly sick that day, but no one in the audience could tell he was throwing up back stage between the scenes! His performance as Fagin was amazing and he managed to come out and do each of his songs and scenes, even while being so ill. He just kept telling himself, "The show must go on!"

Joy and Joshua enjoyed being in another production, this time as orphans in Fagin's gang.

Joy picking Dodger's pocket backstage!

Faith, Samuel and I got to get dressed up and attend the last dinner show of Oliver on Monday evening. It was so fun to be in the audience and enjoy a fancy meal and the theater! :)

Christmas Eve after the show we had our annual party complete with singing carols, Christmas trivia and charades, reading the Christmas story from the Bible, tons of treats to eat and a house full of friends! (Thankfully, by this time Peter  was able to get about an hour nap in between the show and party and was feeling much better....just another Christmas gift and miracle from God!)

One of our friends had his mom and grandparents visiting this week and they came to the party too! :) Grandpa Archer even got up and played Christmas charades with us!

A tradition in our house...New jammies on Christmas Eve. Some of our sweet soldier friends that stayed over night got new pj's too! :)

The kids were super tired by the time they got their new pj's on so I didn't get a picture that night of them all together, but here are a few of my favorites from Christmas morning.

Joy was so surprised to get the microscope she's been wanting for a long time! :) 

Christmas morning was full of wonderful gifts from our friends and family, but one of my favorites was this one Peter and I received from an amazing friend here. He made us this scrapbook, along with the help of our children and other friends. :)

It's filled with pictures of our family along with our army family here in Korea...

And sweet notes and drawings from them and our kids...

I will treasure it forever! :)

Joy made her Daddy this awesome, bright felt top hat and he was such a sweet Daddy he wore it most of the day. :)

Of course we had to give the soldiers Nerf guns and have our annual Christmas day Nerf war. :)

Faithy was thrilled to get to have a Christmas day tea party with her Daddy and some of her favorite soldier friends. :)

Sipping apple cider 'tea' out of her sweet new tea set from Mr. Derek. :)

Tap shoes under her Christmas dress ~ definitely my girl. :)

We have been blessed with some awesome friends! 

After Christmas morning of presents and brunch, we relaxed and watched one of our favorite Christmas movies, Elf. Then in the afternoon we had more friends join us for a delicious Christmas dinner. It was a great couple days of celebrating and fun and a very Merry Christmas for all of us! 
And now....this Mama is tired! I'm glad there's still another week before we officially start homeschooling again. :)

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