Wednesday, December 4, 2013

An Update on the Adams Family

It's been a long time since I've posted, ten months in fact! But that's not because this year hasn't been blog worthy, it's just been a busy one and blogging wasn't on top of the priority list! I know the great & grandparents have especially missed it though, so here's an update on the Adams family from the last ten months before this year is over! 

Here are the kids now, getting so big! 

The last time I posted was Faith's birthday back in February, so starting from there...

Later in February I decided to go adventuring by myself with the kids from Korea back to America to visit a few dear friends and surprise my awesome sister and brother in law.

The kids loved getting to see some of their best friends and enjoyed every minute of it!

Then we got to surprise their Aunt Becca and spend some time in much fun!

Look how much they've changed since then! :)

We stayed through the first part of March and enjoyed some time in Seattle with my side of the family.

Peter was glad to have us back though after a long month away. The kids were happy to get back home and into our routine again too. :)

April was the beginning of more 'goodbyes' to sweet friends, it seems that's a never ending part of Army life. 

April was also filled with lots of art projects (I let Joy pick a couple of her favorites to include in this post) They always love when Daddy gets in on art time with us. :)

I even got a gigantic drawing for my birthday that they all worked on together. :)

And a handsome birthday date! Lucky Me! :)

May brought Joshua's 7th birthday (how'd he get to be seven already!?)

Peter graduated in March with his Master's of Divinity, but his diploma finally came in May! 
He worked so hard for this, I'm SO PROUD OF HIM! One step closer...

We also had to say goodbye to some amazing friends of ours before we left for another trip to the States because they moved before we made it back to Korea. :( This is Samuel and his best bud Christopher. 

The end of May was great though. We all traveled back to the States for my brother in law's wedding. It was a wonderful time of visiting friends and family in Washington, Missouri and Illinois. 
Here are all the cousins on my side together in one place! :)

It was so fun to see friends that we hadn't seen in years...for the kids it was like meeting new friends because it had been so long, and for us parents, just picking up right where we left off! :)

It was awesome to get to see so much of the Adams side for Stephen and Elena's wedding.

Handsome brothers :)

The kids loved getting to be in the wedding and they were SO stinkin cute!

The boys with the beautiful bride...

And the girls with the handsome groom...

Our family ~ May 2013

Getting to go to the real Metropolis and MEET SUPERMAN was kind of a big deal too! 

In June we went back home to South Korea and began enjoying the beautiful summer that had arrived while we were gone on vacation. One weekend we went on a nice picnic and hike with several other families and saw some amazing views. 

We jumped right into rehearsals in June also for three different shows that we were involved in with our community theater here that we performed in July. The kids were in A Midsummer Night's Dream, Peter was in both The Complete Works of Shakespeare and Kiss Me Kate, and I got to perform in Kiss Me Kate and do choreography for two of the shows. We loved it! The Adamses enjoy the stage! :)

The summer flew by quickly with many events in August. 
The kids got really comfortable swimming with all the time we spent at Splish n' Splash...

Joy had a 'dance' themed birthday party. 

We had a dance class with some of her fellow 'fairy' friends from the Midsummer Night's Dream show.

She decided she wanted a cake made entirely of fruit, so this is what we came up with...

It was tons of fun!

We also celebrated our 10th Anniversary in August! We got to spend the whole day together kid free at Everland (it's like the Korean Disneyland) It was awesome. :) 
No One Has More Fun Than The Adamses!

Peter made me this awesome print, all about us. :)

Aaaaaannnnnd I got to hold a tiny monkey at Everland! 
One of the cutest things I've EVER seen. Loved it! :)

Our school year doesn't really have a start and stop point since we school year round and take vacations whenever we want/need to depending on what's going on in life, but August usually ends up being the time in which we transition to the next levels or grades in most subjects. This year Samuel has a lot of his own 'school' activities to do. He loves joining the big kids in whatever they are doing. 

I also started teaching a ballet class for the girls in our homeschool group. It's so much fun to be teaching and dancing regularly again. 

September and October were gorgeous here this year so we spent a lot of time outside playing, adventuring and hiking. I'm so thankful that the warm days lasted so long this year.

October our baby turned 4! 

He had an awesome pirate themed birthday with lots of great friends to help him celebrate. 

October also was a sad month for us because one of our favorite people had to move away! :(
But I'm thankful that it's not goodbye forever, just 'see ya later'...till we finally get Stateside again.

Also, the children are still regularly stopped and asked to pose for pictures here in Korea by the locals. After almost four years I thought it would wear off, but it doesn't. :) 
And the kids are such good sports about it. 

November was an awesome month! So many things to be thankful for!
BEAUTIFUL weather!

We got to go on some amazing hikes.

Peter was selected at the board this month for the Chaplaincy!

He had to be gone for a couple of weeks and the kids were SO happy when he returned home to us!

We were blessed to be able to host a TON of soldiers for Thanksgiving who have become great friends to our whole family. 

And now it's December already. The year is coming to an end and yet there is still so much that will happen before it's over! We have another show with the community theater in a couple weeks. We will be performing Oliver which Peter, Joy and Joshua are all in and I had the opportunity to do choreography for again. We'll have many Christmas celebrations and hopefully official orders soon! That's right, 2014 is the year it will finally be the Adams Family's turn to leave South Korea. We have loved it here but we are looking forward to our next adventure. We have projected orders, but until they are official, things could still change so I can't post about that yet. Exciting things are coming though...Peter finally becoming a Chaplain...a dream 10+ years in the making, moving back to the United States after four years living overseas, being close enough to drive (meaning not an ocean apart) to see family and friends again that we've missed so much, getting to shop at Target and Costco and Trader Joe's, or ordering things online and having it get to me in less than a month, being able to read the street signs, or any signs! and being able to communicate easily and speak the language being spoken all around me...ha! ha! It's the little things! :) So that about sums up the last year for the Adamses, life is good and God is great and there is always, always, always something to be thankful for.

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