Friday, June 1, 2012

Joshua the Cub Scout

I haven't blogged in so long....but that's not for a lack of having many exciting things going on around our house these past few months. Today, though Joshua had a fun experience that he wanted to make sure the Grandparents got to see! So I'm finally taking the time to post some new pictures...

Today he had his first event as a Cub Scout and got second place in his age category in the Raingutter Regatta boat race!

He worked hard on his boat with Dad getting it ready earlier this week.

Here it is, all ready to sail!

Here are all the boats in the "marina" waiting for their turn to race.  :)

Joshua got to race his good friend Tristan. One time Tristan won, one time Joshua won so they had to have a 3rd race to determine the winner. Tristan won the final round. Since they were the only two in their age category though, they each got metals and badges for their scout shirts. :)

1st and 2nd place cub scout winners!

Joshua was a great sport and had a fun time watching and cheering on all the other boy scouts racing today.

The whole family was there to watch but Samuel spent most of the time digging in the dirt and playing under the trees.

His sucked in cheeks crack me up! He was blowing so hard to push it down the lane!

Joy and her sweet friend Grace, hanging out cheering on the boys.

Joshua enjoyed watching some of the races from the tree top.

Here he is getting his 2nd place metal.

He doesn't have his scout shirt yet, but when we get it his metal will go on it along with his other badges. He's pretty excited and really had a fun time with the group.  :)


  1. Congratulations, Joshua. Looks like a lot of fun. Boats and water - always a good time. You did a great job on your boat. Love you, Oma

  2. What fun Joshua! Your boat is beautiful and looks very fast! We're so proud of you. Next time you are in Seattle we will go find a stream and have "stick races". You will have so much fun and learn so much in the Cub Scouts! Love ya bunches!! Grandma & Grandpa C.