Thursday, October 27, 2011

Seattle, WA

Our trip back home to the States has almost come to an end and it has been fantastic! I have taken so many pictures the last week and a half of fun times with all of our family and friends, but I also have taken several of the breathtaking views that surround the Pacific Northwest...God's beauty is truly incredible here!

Anyway, this post isn't so much about our vacation as it is for our friends who haven't had the opportunity to see the Great Northwest before. I grew up here, moved away 4 years ago and it is even more beautiful than I remember! Here is a glimpse for you of the gorgeous Seattle area we've been enjoying...

And to our friends back in South Korea (see you soon!) and you would not believe how fresh the air is here! Every time I step outside I can't help taking deep breaths, enjoying the crisp, fresh, sweet clean air...a very different reaction to our 'home' in S.Korea where we all often hold our breath outside! Even the kids have noticed the difference! If only I could bring it back with me, I would! :)


  1. I'm happy you are headed home.. The Stafford crew has missed the sunshine that comes with the Adams gang, even if the air is stinky! :)

  2. Breathtaking! Must plan an October trip to the NW someday. :) Looking forward to having you back and hearing all your adventures.

  3. Very blessed to live in the PNW! It was a great time having you all here, we definitely look forward to it again! Beautiful photos Bree! I'm glad the weather has cooperated with your stay. :)

  4. So beautiful!! Man, I miss the great northwest. Take some big breaths of that fresh air for me!