Monday, August 8, 2011

It's A Small World...Sometimes

Being thousands of miles away from my family and friends, living on the other side of the world, it feels pretty big most of the time. But this last month, I've been blessed to have the world feel a little smaller, and South Korea feel a little bit like home, even if only for an afternoon. I saw familiar faces, met some new ones and got hugs from dear friends that I haven't seen in years who just happen to be in this country the same time as me.  :)

A wonderful girl named Casey was my very best friend when I was little. We had so much fun together and were pretty much inseparable from about 2nd - 6th grade...and then she moved away and I was crushed. She had the sweetest family and they were always so good to me. They treated me like I was another one of their kids. Thankfully, she and I have kept in touch over the years (and I still adore her to this day :)

Casey on the left, Me on the right...
Dressed up in who knows? what, playing something...I don't know, but having tons of fun doing it!

She has an adorable little sister, Chelsea (who's all grown up now!) and the most amazing, kind, loving woman for a mom. Their family taught me so much in those short 5 years when we were close and I never forgot all that they had done for me. I know that Joanne and Tom probably had no idea that they had such an impact on me, who I was to become and the choices I would make in life. But they sure did.  And I am forever grateful for the love that they showed me all those years ago.

It makes me think a little differently now as I look at my own 2nd grade daughter and her friends. Joy is the same age now that I was when I first met Casey. I hope that Joy will have a special friend like that, who she'll be able to keep in touch with all throughout her life. And though they may not see each other often, when they do, it's just like no time has passed at all.

I was so blessed today to get to see Joanne, Casey's Mom and her sister, Chelsea. It's been years since I've seen either one of them other than in pictures, but seeing them in person and getting hugs from old felt like home! Chelsea is here teaching English and Joanne came out to visit her. What a treat it was for me to be in the same foreign country at the same time! Now if only Casey could have been here, it would have been perfect! :)

Another awesome thing happened recently that made this big ol' world feel a little bit smaller. We met Chuck.  :)  We had never met Chuck before this last month, but he is married to one of our sweet friends that we knew when we were living in Missouri! At the time, we'd never heard of him. But here we are years later and they have since married, joined the Army and now he's stationed here in Korea! Thankfully, we recently got in touch with Amber who told us her husband was headed this way. We were able to meet him face to face because he's living and working right here on the same post that we are, everyday. :) We are praying that Amber will be able to join him over here soon, cause that will be SO much fun to get to see her all the time again! (and I'm sure her hubby will be thrilled to have her here too!)

Chuck has quickly become a great friend and the kids adore him...just as they adored Amber when they got to see her every week too!

Chuck had a birthday a few weeks ago and being stationed here, all by himself, we couldn't let his special day go by without a celebration! So we made him a cake and had a little party of our own, complete with hand made cards from all the Adams' kids and singing...they insisted we "sing AND have candles for Mr. Chuck!" It's certainly not the same as having his wonderful wife here, but hopefully it made him feel like he wasn't alone WAY over here in Korea, he's got a place at the Adams' family table anytime!

(But we sure miss you Amber! So get over here SOON!!  :) 

I really like it when those things happen that make the world feel a little bit smaller. It makes being over here  on the opposite side of the world a little bit easier, but it still doesn't make me miss my family and friends back 'home' in the States any less! We're counting down the days until our much needed visit!


  1. Wow. Joanne looks just the same. How cool to see them.

  2. Thank you Jennifer, I will take your comment as a compliment, especially since I am a lot older now! Yikes!! Breanna, What a delightful surprise for you to write about us in your blog. You were always like another daughter to me and it thrills my heart and I am so...blessed to see the woman you have become. God is so...good. I hope we can keep in touch through the years, even if it is only through Facebook. I would much prefer to see you in person though. Hugging a computer just doesn't cut it!! :) Love you always, Joanne

  3. That is super cool. I think God does special things for us just because he loves us. Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a wonderful blessing!! Sounds like a great time of reconnecting and awesome adventures! Thank you for sharing :)